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Pros and Cons of Online Counseling

Online counseling, also known as telehealth, makes it easier than ever before to reach out and get the psychological help you need. Still, you might have several questions, many of which boil down to one: What are the pros and … Read More

Does My Insurance Cover Online Counseling?

Living through the current COVID-19 emergency has proven difficult for many of us. Not only are we worried about our physical health and that of our families, but the stress of financial challenges and general uncertainty can make it hard … Read More

Online Counseling for Health Care Workers

Every day in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis, health care workers put their lives at risk by simply going to work. But the risk isn’t just physical; it’s also psychological. If you’re a health care worker, working on the … Read More

Can I Do Therapy Online?

Seventy-six percent of Americans now think psychological health is just as important as physical health — and yet they struggle to get therapy, according to one study. Some of the reasons include limited access and a lack of options. Now, … Read More

Benefits of Online Therapy

Most people think of counseling as taking place on a comfy couch in a therapist’s office, but things are rapidly changing. With today’s technology, online counseling is becoming much more popular. Why? The benefits are just too good to ignore. … Read More

Is Online Counseling Effective?

Sometimes when you need to talk to a therapist, life gets in the way. You could be so busy that you only have time during your lunch hour. Or, there could be reasons why you can’t easily leave the house, … Read More

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