Therapy Toolkit

Your smartphone can be a powerful tool for improving your overall mental health and wellness! This guide includes some of the BEST and most credible apps available with ratings from One Mind Psyber Guide research center at UC Irvine. Each app is rated on credibility, user experience (U.E.) and transparency, and includes a short description to let you know what to expect from the app. Many of these apps are available on all the leading smartphones and others are available on iPhones and iPads only. View them on our Therapy Toolkit page.

Physician’s Corner

Depression ranks among the top 10 chronic health problems in the United States and up to one in four primary care patients suffers from depression1. Drug therapy has become the most popular course of treatment - often ignoring the evidence-based options represented by psychotherapy. Many physicians are highly skilled and even intuitive in identifying how depression, stress and anxiety are impacting their patient's physical health, but they aren't always as comfortable in making referrals to therapy. Learn more about making effective referrals in our Physician’s Corner.

Book of the Month

Every month we feature a new book of the month. These books focus on psychology, and my monthly book reviews designed to promote good resources for health and healing. Please email us with your psychology book favorites for future Book of the Month articles. View a collection of our monthly book reviews here.

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