Susan McIntyreSusan McIntyre, LMFT

Chronic Pain, Eating Disorders, Children and Teens Anxiety, Depression

Therapeutic Approach

I see human beings through a lens of "wholeness".  We are physical, social, mental, spiritual and emotional beings.  Each aspect plays an important role in our overall well being and the ability to have fulfilling and meaningful relationships.  I believe that our struggles in life are often the catalysts to becoming our greatest selves.  Our work will help clarify your preferences and identify what gets in the way of living the life you want.  My approach to therapy is collaborative and strength based.  Each individual brings rich personal experience and resources into the therapeutic process.  These strengths will be foundational to our work together.

Education and Experience

As a graduate of Pepperdine University, I have a Master's Degree in Clinical Psychology with an emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy.  I completed an internship at the Pepperdine Community Counseling Clinic, where I worked with individuals, couples and families who struggled with a broad range of problems such as:  depression, anxiety, chronic illness or pain, relational problems and difficult life transitions.  I have additional education and training in the management and treatment of eating disorders, self harm and substance abuse.  I also hold a certification in Grief and Loss counseling which has proven to be useful in working, not only with clients who have experienced loss of a loved one, but also clients needing help transitioning from losses of relationships and employment. Prior to beginning my private practice, I worked with adolescents and their families at a partial hospitalization and outpatient recovery center for teens struggling with substance abuse, mood disorders and self harm.

I have studied western and eastern spirituality for many years, and hold a license in spiritual practice.  I am an experienced facilitator and teacher of meditation, mindfulness and visualization.  There is a great deal of research which supports the use of these practices to improve mental, emotional and physical health.  My clients with challenging diagnosis, chronic illness or pain, grief and loss have found these practices to be especially helpful.

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