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Brianica Robinson, PsyD


  • Psychological Testing
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • ADHD
  • Behavioral Issues
  • Mood and Anxiety Disorders
  • Trauma and Attachment
  • School and Social Related Issues
  • Children and Adolescents


CA Registered Psychological Associate # PSB94027686

Brianica Robinson, PsyD

Registered Psychological Associate

Dr. Brianica Robinson is passionate about helping clients develop a deeper understanding of themselves and supporting them on their journey towards mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical well-being. Recognizing that each client is unique and that there is no one size fits all to therapy, she tailors her therapeutic approach to meet the individual and specific needs of each client. Dr. Robinson provides a safe, accepting, and empowering environment to bring about change and healing.

Dr. Robinson specializes in working with children and adolescents. She applies her experience with this population by helping those who have difficulty expressing themselves verbally find creative outlets to confidentially express themselves. She applies evidenced based approaches with consideration to incorporating multiculturalism and diversity. Dr. Robinson takes pride in creating and maintaining an atmosphere and relationship in which clients feel understood, heard, and seen while sharing their thoughts and emotions..

Education & Experience

Dr. Robinson holds a doctorate and master’s degree from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology as well as a master’s degree from Mercer University. Her extensive background in the field of pediatric psychology includes experience and training in a broad array of settings including the Child Guidance Center, Children’s Hospital of Orange County, St. Jude Medical Center Chronic Pain Program, and the Department of Behavioral Health. Dr. Robinson also has specialized experience and training in psychological assessments for children, adolescents and adults.

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