Therapy Toolkit

Our Therapy Toolkit includes a variety of tools and resources designed to support you in your quest for optimum health and wellness. Learn which smartphone apps are highly rated and recommended by our therapists. Find out what mindfulness meditation is really all about and how you can get started. Discover the benefits of walking meditation and the best walking trials in Orange County. View our complete therapy toolkit guides here.

Physician’s Corner

We are committed to working with our physician colleagues in providing collaborative, integrated health care from a biopsychosocial perspective. Our providers can help your patients with depression, anxiety, and stress but additionally, we offer unique specialty services in psycho-oncology, women’s health, cardiac psychology, chronic pain, pediatric psychology and more. Learn more about our nine medical specialties and how we can support your treatment plans.

Our Psychology Blog

Our providers enjoy writing articles and the opportunity to share their thoughts on psychology topics, therapy tips, and overall mental health and wellness. Our blogs cover a wide variety of topics and articles from helping your teen with social anxiety, therapy for cancer or dementia patients, or tips on improving your overall heath. View our recent blog articles here.

Book of the Month

Of the thousands of psychology books published each month, how do you know where to look for guidance on your path towards health, healing, and happiness? We share our favorites by featuring Book of the Month recommendations. Find out which books our providers have found to be the most therapeutic, inspiring, or healing for themselves and others. View a list of our recent selections here.

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Ketamine Treatment: A New Horizon in Mental Health Care

Originally developed as an anesthetic, Ketamine has found a new purpose in the realm of mental health care. Its rapid action and unique mechanism of affecting the brain’s NMDA receptors make it a promising treatment for various conditions, including depression, … Read More

Behind the Mask: Unveiling the Realities of Adult Autism

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD), most commonly associated with childhood— can also affect adults, sometimes without their knowledge. In this article, we’ll dive into the world of adult autism, touching on the difficulties of getting diagnosed, tips for improving social skills, … Read More


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