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Benefits of Working With a Diabetes Therapist

(to be replaced) For many, mental burdens begin the moment a patient is told they might have cancer. Days, and even weeks, of uncertainty causes anxiety to build up as a patient and their family await potentially life-changing results. This makes working with a cancer therapist crucial from day one, as it can help the patients and their families cope during this interim period of uncertainty.

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The Link Between Stress and Diabetes - Blog

Sam was shocked when her doctor told her that her blood work showed she was pre-diabetic. Sam does everything right. She has a great diet, gets lots of exercise, and maintains an overall lifestyle healthier than most. But what her physician didn’t know, is that Sam has been under a great deal of stress. Although she managed to keep up her healthy diet and frequent exercise, her mental health was suffering.

The Association Between Diabetes and Depression - Peer-Reviewed

Depression occurrence is two to three times higher in people with diabetes mellitus, the majority of the cases remaining under- diagnosed. The purpose of this review was to show the links between depression and diabetes, point out the importance of identifying depression in diabetic patients and identify the possible ways to address both diseases.

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The news of a cancer diagnosis is never easy. In the blink of an eye, you’re thrown into battle as the chaos and stress of appointments, scans, and labs impede on your everyday life and fear starts to grab hold of you and your family.

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