Dr. Kristen Kleppe
Kristin Kleppe, PsyD

Our Providers | Kristin Kleppe, PsyD Kristin Kleppe, PsyD Clinical Psychologist Dr. Kristin Kleppe founded Orange County Health Psychologists, Inc., to provide clinical health psychological services in Orange County and to facilitate integrated care between physicians and psychologists. Prior to … Read More

Kamala Thomas
KaMala Thomas, PhD

Our Providers | KaMala Thomas, PhD KaMala Thomas, PhD Clinical Health Psychologist Dr. KaMala Thomas is passionate about helping clients to achieve emotional, spiritual, and physical wellness. She believes that wellness exists on a continuum, and achieving optimal health involves … Read More

Lyn Truesdell, PsyD
Lyn Truesdell, PsyD

Our Providers | Lyn Truesdell, PsyD Lyn Truesdell, PsyD Clinical Health Psychologist With the ability to establish quick rapport and a sense of calm, Dr. Truesdell immediately conveys the sense that she truly understands and cares, giving you the confidence … Read More

Priya Parikh, PsyD
Priya Parikh, PsyD

Our Providers | Priya Parikh, PsyD Priya Parikh, PsyD Clinical Psychologist Dr. Priya Parikh is a licensed clinical psychologist who specializes in working with patients diagnosed with chronic and terminal illnesses including cancer, HIV/AIDS, and chronic pain. She completed her … Read More

Desiree Delagarza
Desiree Delagarza, PsyD

Our Providers | Desiree Delagarza, PsyD Desiree Delagarza, PsyD Clinical Psychologist Dr. Desiree Delagarza is a licensed clinical psychologist and certified nutritionist with nearly 25 years of professional experience. She uses a solution-focused, person-centered approach to explore painful feelings and … Read More

Marian Ghebrial
Marian Ghebrial, PhD

Our Providers | Marian Ghebrial, PhD Marian Ghebrial, PhD Clinical Psychologist Dr. Marian Ghebrial is a licensed clinical psychologist with over 15 years of professional experience. She understands that life can be an unpredictable journey of magical moments and devastating … Read More

Alpa Bajaj, Ph.D.
Alpa Bajaj, PhD

Our Providers | Alpa Bajaj, PhD Alpa Bajaj, PhD  

Brenda Gandara
Brenda Gándara, PhD

Our Providers | Brenda Gándara, PhD Brenda Gándara, PhD Clinical Psychologist Dr. Brenda Gándara uses cognitive behavioral (CBT), existential-humanistic, interpersonal, and somatic approaches to therapy within a culturally-relevant framework. She tailors every session to reflect and address her clients’ specific … Read More