Benefits of Online Therapy

Most people think of counseling as taking place on a comfy couch in a therapist’s office, but things are rapidly changing. With today’s technology, online counseling is becoming much more popular. Why? The benefits are just too good to ignore. Since we’ve begun online counseling sessions at Orange County Health Psychologists, we’ve been extremely pleased with how effective and rewarding it has been. If you think you might be interested in online counseling or have questions about how it works, call us now at 949.528.6300.

In the meantime, here’s a look at some of the biggest benefits of online counseling and why you might want to give it a try (if you haven’t already).

Online counseling is more accessible.

You may live in a remote area where there aren’t many therapists to choose from. Online counseling opens up your choices to many more providers. Also, if you have a hard time traveling due to physical mobility issues, being able to have online counseling sessions at home could be a very convenient option. Likewise, if you suffer from a mental health condition that makes it difficult for you to leave the house (for example, agoraphobia or PTSD) online counseling can help provide the treatment you need.

Hours can be more flexible.

Since you and your therapist won’t need to travel anywhere to meet, you could potentially have sessions outside of traditional working hours. Talk to your therapist about what times are convenient for you. Often, providers are willing to schedule online counseling appointments in the early morning or late evening.

You may take less time off from work.

A therapy session can be conducted from anywhere you feel comfortable having a private phone call or video chat. You may find it possible to do this during your lunch hour in a quiet room at your workplace — or even in your car — meaning you’ll avoid any awkwardness of having to explain your absence from the office.

You’re less likely to miss sessions.

Life happens… which means that sometimes you’ll have to skip your therapy appointment to tend to things that can’t wait. But if you’re doing online counseling, your session can be done anywhere you feel comfortable. With no drive time or prep necessary, keeping your appointments may be easier — helping you maintain the continuity of your self-care.

You won’t have to pay for childcare or transportation.

If you do your sessions from home, there’s no commute! Transportation costs are zero, and you may not need a babysitter.

It could be easier for you to open up.

Especially if you’re new to therapy, expressing your emotions and talking about sensitive issues might actually be easier if you’re communicating over phone or video. Not seeing a therapist in person can make some people feel more “anonymity,” leading them to feel more comfortable sharing. Some teenagers, men who have trouble accessing their emotions, and socially anxious patients may especially fall into this category.

You can enjoy all the comforts of home during your session.

Don’t worry, your therapist (of all people!) won’t judge you. Feel free to dress comfortably, put your cat or dog on your lap, and settle in. Or, you might want to use your phone instead of your laptop and pace around the house as you talk. Whatever works for you!

It’s just as easy to establish a great connection.

Talking on video chat can feel the same as being right there in the room with your therapist. Over time, you’ll develop the same level of rapport that you would if you were having in-person sessions.

Online counseling is proven to be effective.

Many studies have shown that online counseling is every bit as effective as in-person sessions when it comes to treating many disorders, including anxiety and depression. You can enjoy all the conveniences of doing therapy at home and feel confident that your treatment is provided with the same level of quality as it would be in a therapist’s office.

Your support team is waiting.

Do you think online counseling could be right for you? Give us a call. Depending on your needs, our practice manager, Jennifer Koran, can match you with the right provider who specializes in an area of treatment that can help. Our team is fully prepared to conduct online counseling sessions, allowing you to quickly step onto your healing path right from home.

Especially during the COVID-19 crisis, so many of us need support. Don’t let the logistics of getting to a therapist’s office stand in the way of the help you need. Online counseling opens the door to convenient, ongoing support that can significantly increase your quality of life at a time when you need it the most.

Call us now at 949.528.6300 or email to speak to someone on our team right away. We look forward to serving you on your journey.

—Written by Ekua Hagan for Orange County Health Psychologists

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