I Think I Might Be Autistic

I think I might be autistic

What if instead of being weird, shy, geeky or introverted, your brain is wired differently? For adults with undiagnosed autism spectrum disorder (ASD), there is often an “aha!” moment–when you realize that being neurodivergent just might be the explanation for why you’ve always felt so different.

Author Cynthia Kim shares the information, insights, tips, suggestions and resources she gathered as part of her own journey from “aha!” to finally being diagnosed in her forties with high functioning autism (also known as Asperger’s Syndrome or being neurodivergent). This concise guide also addresses important aspects of living with ASD as a late-diagnosed adult, including coping with the emotional impact of discovering that you’re autistic and deciding who to share your diagnosis with and how.


“A lovely well written asset to anyone seeking answers to the question of ‘Am I autistic?’ offering places to seek information and sharing some great reflective thoughts on ways forward and in just starting to love who you are.”

“We all know that every person with autism is unique, but what this book manages to capture is the vast array of communication differences that may well point to underlying autism….This book is an insightful and helpful read.”

“This book has so many great answers and resources for those of us who are seeking information on ourselves. If you don’t know where to start in your journey, start here.”