Therapeutic YOGA for Trauma Recovery by Arielle Schwartz

Trauma recovery is as much about healing the body as it is the mind. In Therapeutic Yoga for Trauma Recovery, Dr. Arielle Schwartz bridges the path between physical and emotional healing to release the burdens of trauma from both the body and the mind. Practicing yoga stimulates the vagus nerve to decrease anxiety and promote relaxed stillness. Through specific therapeutic yoga practices, the vagus nerve is rewired to send a signal to your body that it is time to relax.  

Grounded in the principles of this polyvagal theory, as well as in well-established principles of neuroscience and trauma-informed care, Therapeutic Yoga for Trauma Recovery explains, in simple language, how our brains and bodies respond to stress and trauma and offers a self-led course of conscious breathing and mindful movement practices to help you feel more grounded, empowered, and inspired. 

This book provides a variety of yoga poses and breathing practices to: 

  • Nourish and heal your nervous system 
  • Release unresolved patterns of fight, flight, freeze 
  • Better tolerate emotional discomfort 
  • Increase sense of resilience 


For those interested in guided therapeutic yoga, Certified Yoga Therapist Susan Ksjebo offers both private and group yoga therapy here at OCHP. Contact us for more information on Susan’s Yoga Therapy classes and workshops.